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Why Join (Retail Training)

  • RSE is an initiative run in association with Retail Sector Corporate.
  • RSE is associated with leading Retail Corporate in India for providing industry ready manpower.
  • Only RASCI / NIESBUD certified professionals teach the program. So there is never compromise in the quality of training
  • Main focus of RSE is to prepare a candidate in such a way that a candidate can start earning while he is learning.
  • Study material is given for each module so that you are not lost in the sea of information in Retail.
  • Each module has a live assignment and test so that you can evaluate your learning.
  • Case studies after each module, so that you know the real live scenario of Retail.
  • Placements in leading Retail Corporate / MNCs.
  • Job readiness program for student to refine their interview skills, soft skills, technical skills.

Programe Advantage

More and more, job roles are requiring formal training qualifications either because of legislative requirements or to meet the requirements of specific employers in retail sector. Developing skills through training provides significant benefits including increased employment opportunities and personal growth.

The PPRSE curriculum has been co-created by a highly qualified academic team with reputed industry professionals, who are widely reckoned to be experts in their field, thus addressing the need and demand of the industry. This training program is designed to place the candidates in the Retail Sector.


The role may be performed in a range of Retail Operations